Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cael's Baby Blessing

Yeah I know, I'm behind in trying to post things! But here's our cute Cael (Kael, we still plan on changing the spelling!) in his boxing pose. Gotta love it!

Grandpa Woody, Corbin, Dad & Cael.

The kids squishing him!


The Fam! Am I really that fat?! I swear I'm a size 5 right now!


Friday, February 6, 2009

It's funny how they say it.

The more I hear my kids talk the more I realize they can't! Corbin made a grocery list for himself and on it was streen cheese. And that's how he says it. So I spelled it out for him and said it the right way and he had an aha moment. Another one of his notes I found was an apology on paper, it said something to the effect that they always scroo around. Another correction. Then there are the anger words, really not that bad but sound funny when they're said. Dane it, crub for crap. The girls on the other hand seriously can't talk. They sound like they're from New Jersey. Tayah's favorite meal is busgetti. They wewey wike wainbows, and love to be Pwetty Pwincess's. They enjoy going to whybary's, or libarys. I'm also reminded that I "never wisten to them." Pretty much, I can't understand them!

Then they get things mixed up. Yesterday Amara told me she needed contacts for her teeth. She got mad when I told her it's floss she needs for her teeth not contacts. Tayah was teaching Amara "school" yesterday and showed me what it was. She wrote this on the white board, " Amara can LRN." And yes she will, the wrong way! About a week ago at dinner we were teaching counting to the kids in Spanish, French, and Romainian. They pronounced those numbers much better than the English ones!