Friday, May 20, 2011

More Girlz pics!

While my sister was here she showed me a fun new craft of sautering these cool necklaces! It was fun to learn something new and make them!

Kael was being such a stink while we were taking pics! He kept trying to make an appearance...and there he is.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girlz Weekend Getaway!

For the first time EVER I had a getaway with my mom and sister, it was awesome!!! We went shopping and didn't care how much we spent because we know these opportunities don't happen that often! We were able to eat out without kids screaming, and sleep through the night without crying/sick kids in the middle of the night!

When we went shopping Carrie and Mom had the misfortune of trying on some awful clothes so we snapped a pic of the skirts they couldn't zip up! My moment came later without a picture thank goodness! I bent down to pick up some clothes and didn't realize my back side was below the changing room curtain...I don't think I can show myself there again!

Mom sporting her 'Roberts Senior Citizen Card' that we intended to use for our craft day!

My dad and brother's had to come up and visit Carrie before she left so we took some family pics.

Pamper time!

Our fancy new cuts, although the girl styled me like "Tiffany" with massive bigness! My sister said she was spraying me with the hairspray without even looking!

On Carrie's last night here we celebrated with a fancy dinner of grilled cheese sandwich's, Martinelli's to drink and watched "The boy that could fly." Remember that old one? So fun!

Kael in his 'roo's'

We're not getting too far with the potty training but he loves to wear his 'roo's!