Monday, December 14, 2009


There are some things you think your children will never ask or do. Sometimes they ask questions like Tayah did they other day. She was practicing the song Silent Night and asked, "Mom, what's a virgin?" I had to take a minute to think about it, my husband was of course very interested to hear my response. I told her," It's a mom that hasn't had a baby yet." I thought I did well with that one.

Now I have a bedtime story to share. We're getting the kids ready for bed. Kael comes to me and wants me to pick him up. I picked him up and naturally I kiss my babies whenever I pick them up. But when I picked him up his breath STUNK! I mean like BAD. So I admit I put him down and thought how strange. I continued to round up the kids for family prayer in the girls room. We were all kneeling down and we notice a "raisin" on the floor. Jared picks it up and smells it and it is not a is poop!!! It was very MOIST! And then it dawns on me why Kael's breath stunk so bad! OH MY HELL! He put it in his mouth and apparently spit it out. GROOOOSSS! My first reaction was gag, dry-heave, and running to the computer and googling how to disinfect your mouth! I have NEVER had a child have any sort of a "poop" accident! So the younger child who had a "minor" incident shall remain nameless. For some reason they were preoccupied by their new McDonald's toy and couldn't put it down for 2 minutes!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Halloween a bit late...


We started off Halloween with our Jack o' lantern Pizza!

The girls digging through their "stinky" pumpkins!

Corbin oblivious to the camera, that's a boy for ya!


Tayah & Amara's

Corbin as a masked Phantom....

Tayah the Witch

Amara the Fairy Princess

All of them together! Kael sported his Buzz Light Year P.J.'s

School Parade pics, Amara joined in Corbin's class line to walk through too!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Corbin's Diabetes 1 year Anniversary

Last November Corbin was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It's been a rough year trying to learn and live with it. I can still remember like it was yesterday and how our lives fell apart so suddenly. Never thought I would see one of my children having to suffer with something on a daily basis. Things have improved, but there is still frustration with understanding how to control his blood sugar. We started out giving him 6-8 shots a day, which equals about 1,800 for 10 months until we got him on a pump.

Here is 10 months worth of shots.

His pump arrived in September

Pricey little gadget, only $6,600! He'll never get a car!

Sporting his electronics!

Jared took Corbin and his friend C.J. to a BYU foot ball game to "celebrate"

They had a great time, blew a bunch of cash on junk-food. Perfect for a diabetic, when he got home we checked him and he was 518! Oh what fun....

I want Corbin to know how much we love him and are proud of how he has dealt with all of this. He's been a great example of long suffering, we admire and hope that he will continue to have patience with this. We hope and pray for a cure one day so he can feel "normal" again.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A year and a half of some updates I neglected...

It's been 11 years! We went back to where it started for some family pics. I'm amazed at how much has happened in the 11 years we've been married. It's a dream come true, 4 wonderful kids, a house that needs cleaning everyday, demanding Church callings, a diabetic son, a busy baby that doesn't stop to even sleep, a husband that loves sports, That's our life!
Our newest family picture, these are not easy to do!

We love 'em all!

Jared & I re-inacting our engagement on the bridge in Memory Grove.

The super kids at their best!

We had Dakota visit us while he was off track so we thought having smore's would be fun since he'd NEVER had one! Needless to say, HE LOVED IT!

Where's my marshmallow?

Baby face!:)

So proud of himself!

We went to Jared's sister's house and we were able to take a couple snap shots of the family.

Christmas 2008!

My brother Brandon teaching Amara how to knit, I didn't know he was so talented!

Twister time! This was such a random activity I didn't think I would be in a picture! So close your eyes to the P.J.'s and pony-tail!

Every time my kids go to bed they all have aches, pains and some sort of complaint. So every one of them have a kleenex box for crying, nosebleeds, allergies etc. A "puke" bucket, there's always someone saying they think they're going to throw-up! And they need to have a wet wash cloth, for some reason that heals all sorts of ailments! You can see in Tayah's bed she has racked up the most for the wash-cloth prize!

Santa 2008 at Jared's work

Me and Jared

Our 10 year Anniversary already?

The kids thought it would be fun to make a cake with a "10" on it.

Our tradition of having a cheese fondue, the kids love it!


Being stationary is drawing to a close!

Yep, he can roll around now!

Ahh, sweet boy.

Tayah's 7th Birthday!

Hair flowers in goblets

Can't do without pink cupcakes with rings in them!

It's a girl party! They were all darling and Tayah had a great party!

Corbin's 9th Birthday!

When he got into bed that night I had cut up a bunch of little papers with "9's" on them!

Darling! Jared's sister Tracee sent the kids sports shirts.

The kiddos!

Me and Kael

Tayah and Kael